Representative Healthcare Projects

Poplar Springs 30 Bed Psychiatric Addition - Petersburg, VA (2011-12)
Addition designed to care for military personnel care yet flexible for different future uses.

Poplar Springs Adolescent Wing Renovation - (2011-12)
$1.1 million major renovation to make hospital wing more flexible and efficient for staff.

Poplar Springs Campus Efficiency and Functionality Master Plan - (2011)
Master planning to maximize use of space, allow swing beds, and improve staff efficiency.

Poplar Springs Life Safety Upgrades -(2011)
Upgrade campus wide life safety systems.

Garfield Park Hospital - Chicago, IL (2011-12)
$21 million construction project entailed gutting of existing building for new 144 bed facility.

Holly Hill Hospital 16 bed Renovation and new Office Building - Raleigh, NC (2011-12)
Renovation of existing facility and construction of new office building. Construction of both projects occurred simultaneously for benefit of Owner.

Cumberland Children’s Hospital Campus Life Safety and Finishes Upgrades - New Kent, VA (2011)
Renovation of ten buildings to upgrade life safety and update finishes for $6.2 million.

Pines Behavioral Centers Life Safety and Patient Area Finishes Upgrades - Portsmouth and Norfolk, VA- (2011-12)
Upgrade 384 patient rooms and improve life safety system on two campuses.